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Zero Point energy Wand | Health | Wellness | Fitness

Technology Uses

In addition to using the Zero Point Energy Wand on our bodies, we can also use the Wand to help improve foods tainted by pesticides and genetic engineering by restoring their natural energy patterns and fixing their damaged nutrients. This means that the wand can make your food better for you. It can also extend the shelf life of your food—all you have to do is just place it in the fridge. The Wand also works on liquids. You can stir your drinks with it and it will remove any negative ionization caused by electromagnetic fields that are so prevalent in our communities. It can be used on pets and plants to envigorate and restore the natural neurological impulses that regulate nourishment and healing. You can even use it to shield yourself and your family from the harmful and damaging electromagnetic energy fields in the first place simply by wearing it. These fields are constantly bombarding our bodies from all electronic devices, some of the worst include computers, phones, TVs, telephone and electric lines near your home, generators, not to mention the cumulative effect from smaller devices such as iPods, Video games, phones and household appliances!

When worn on your person, the Wand provides a protective barrier of Zero Point Energy up to 3 feet around our bodies. This can help shield us from all of the electromagnetic radiation that is so prevalent in our increasingly technological society.

Remember, this product does not heal or cure any disease by itself, but rather realigns the energy flow utilized by your nervous system, which can help your body in healing.

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